Chantilly Castle…Lost In Time

Chantilly Forest

I walked through the forest inside Chantilly Domain and i wandered about all the hidden things and memories lost in time in this place. All you need to know about Chantilly and its past inhabitants is inside the castle and quarters.The forest holds a simple play ground and a maze.There is also a small kangaroo zoo. Yes, sadly there are kangaroos in Chantilly. Very small who didn’t look too happy to be there. I read that they were a donation to the Chantilly Domain by some people who didn’t want them anymore. There is a river that runs through the forest and a lot of ducks and geese. From a distance Chantilly château looks like Cinderella’s castle! You just have to see it to believe it!

Horses And Chantilly

I recommend to visit the horse stables ,they are beautiful and well taken care of. The shows are usually repeated in the evenings and the last show i believe it’s a t 8:00pm. Great place for children to visit ,they will love it!  The horse shows are a must see. Prices for shows range from 17 to 22 euros per person. You can buy Chantilly desserts by the entrance of the castle and around the stables but not around the forest area. We also noticed that you can sneak in through the back door by the stables after 5:00 pm. I looked it up on their website and didn’t see anything about that so i guess they just forget to close the gates after 5.

Things To Do

You can pay either to enter into the forest only or to see the castle. You can pay to see the horse stables and shows only, or you can pay to see the art exhibitions.The prices vary depending on what you want to see. There is also an all access pass but i recommend to do that only if you plan to stay the whole day. The place is huge! It will take you hours to walk through the forest and back to the castle. Specially if you have kids who will most likely  want to play through the maze in the kid’s play area. If you do buy the day pass to everything arrive early, like at 8 am. If you get hungry after the walk you can have lunch at the restaurant at the entrance of Castle or if you are in the middle of the forest you can go to the restaurant behind the kid’s play area. You can also bring a picnic from home and eat there, no one checks bags.

Outside The Chantilly Castle Domain

There are a lot of places to eat and be much affordable too ,more than the ones inside the Castle. The town is beautiful! Here are some pictures and video that i posted at Vianka’s World on youtube, enjoy!


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