Take the BATOBUS!

What is the BATOBUS?

Batobus is a bus on water, yes a bus! Okay it looks nothing like a bus but at least it is on water. It is a very nice small boat which you can take at any of the ports on LA SEINE river in Paris.


How Much Is The Pass And What Time to take it?

It is 8 euros for children and 11 euros for adults. I believe that all children under 3 are free. If you ever take the batobus i recommend that you buy the ticket early in the morning so you can use the pass all day long. Once you have the pass you can get on and off as many times as you want. This is a great way to see many places on the same day but remember,take it in the morning and try not to stay too long on each stop or you wont get to see everything.


Where Does It Take You?

It makes 9 stops at some of the most famous places in Paris including the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. The ride is smooth and the view is amazing! I like it in the evenings when is very romantic. There are no toilets or restaurants inside. Here is a short  Video i posted on Vianka’s World on youtube. Enjoy!https://youtu.be/AxqyraxCfd8



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