Chateau De Fontainebleau!

Family Day At The Castle

We were so impressed by all the Napoleon things they had. There is a great collection of his clothes, shoes and even dishes he ate on. I loved how they even kept his son’s things of when he was s boy. You will love the rooms and decorations which aren’t like any others in France. The ball room was my favorite! They played the kind of music they heard around the time of Napoleon all day long. The gardens were pretty similar to those in other castles in France though, a lot like Versailles’s and Chantilly’s. On that day we went it was very windy, there were a lot of kids flying their kites int he gardens. Another thing i loved about the castle was the location. The town is charming and there were a lot of places to eat all around the castle. Restaurants in every corner. My kid loved the carrousel that is in front of Castle. Here is a a short video we made of that day! Hope you enjoy it!

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