Bastille Day By The Eiffel Tower

It was one of the most beautiful things i had ever seen and experienced. Nothing in LA compares to Eiffel Tower on Bastille day!

14 Juillet 2016

Never in my life would i have imagined that i would someday spent 14 Juillet at the Eiffel Tower. On that day, all our French friends come out from their homes to celebrate their sort of Independence Day. On July 14 they remember their ancestors who fought for their freedom from the monarchy. Their revolution began both  in Versailles and center Paris.

I had seen some utube videos about 14 Juillet celebration  at the Eiffel tower which made me itch with curiosity about seeing it for myself. I thought it might be a good experience for my kid too, so we excitingly  planned to go there that night. We left home around 9:30pm and by the time we got there and found parking it was already 10:40. The streets were packed with people and cars. The parking space we found was about 30 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower by foot, but we didn’t care. 


We walked through the police points over and over again trying to look for a good spot. The security could do nothing about the thousands and thousands of people drinking all over the place;but they still tried and blocked all streets around the tower which had us going around all over the place trying to get closer. We tried to move as fast as we could to get there on time for the fire works and finally, after a lot of walking and searching for a good spot,we found a small space on the steps of the Tokyo Musee. Even though people were annoying and pushed us around we made ourselves comfortable on top of a small stage next to the restaurant outside the musee.

Fire Works

Finally! when it was 11:00 pm the Eiffel tower lights went off and everyone screamed and cheered. Suddenly it lit up in different colors, we knew the fire works were about to begin. They played classical music as we waited for the light show to end. The fire works began after the French flag was displayed all over the tower. It was very impressive! The show went on for 40 minutes non stop;I had never seen a firework show or anything like it before. People yelled ” magnifique!” and ” c’est superbe!” when the loudest ones would explode sounding like cannons firing off at their past ghosts enemies. Here is a video we made on that day which i posted at Vianka’s World on utube. Hope you get to experience it one day!

Our thoughts and prayers go out for the people affected by the attacks in Nice that night.


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