Love Living South

I have recently moved to the south of France to a small Village in the Languadoc Rousillon Region. I noticed the difference from Paris the first day i arrived! I am in love with the village life. People are nicer here and in a small villege like this, everyone knows who you are.  While i was at the park the other day a little girl from my kid’s school came to asked me ” Are you the woman who always carries a blue umbrella?”  I laughed and told her that it was me. I explained to her that i was doing that because i had laser surgery done on my face and not because i didn’t like the sun. I didn’t want her to think i was some weirdo from Paris or even worst, From LA! That evening i had left the umbrella at home and wore a big straw hat instead. Have you ever seen that movie chocolat? Well this place looks and acts a lot like that. Everyone knows each other and no one is ever in a hurry; i love that.

Yesterday i went to eat at a restaurant in the village next to ours. It was more beautiful and charming than our little village..loving it all!  Today i visited an amazing lake called LAC SALAGOU with my kid and husband. Here is a video of the lake and a picture of our arrival at CLERMONT L’HERAULT, the village where we visited Le Patio restaurant.


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