Love Living South

I have recently moved to the south of France to a small Village in the Languedoc Roussillon Region. I noticed the difference from Paris the first day i arrived! I am in love with the village life. People seem to be nicer here; I am not sure if it is because it’s a small village or because almost everyone knows everyone here.

While i was at the park the other day a little girl from my kid’s school came straight to me and asked ” Are you the woman who always carries a blue umbrella?”  I laughed and told her that it was me. I also explained to her that i was doing that because i had laser surgery done on my face and not because i didn’t like the sun. I didn’t want her to think i was some vampire weirdo from Paris,or even worst, from LA haha. Here is a picture of my lasered up face and the small park by my house.


Have you ever seen that movie chocolat? Well this place looks and acts a lot like that. Everyone knows each other and no one is ever in a hurry; i love that. Here is a video i recorded from my kitchen window.

Yesterday my family and i went to eat at a restaurant in the village next to ours called Clermont L’Herault; It was more beautiful and charming than our little village. We ate outdoors, in the center of the village plaza, under the starlit sky; it was so romantic. I just love everything around here! Here are some photos of that night.



Today i visited an amazing lake called LAC SALAGOU with my kid and husband. It is a large lake that smells like the sea. There were people swimming, playing and searching for tiny fish. The color of the dirt there and around the lake is so dark that it looks brick-red! Here are two videos of the lake which i posted on my kid’s utube channel.

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