911 ,Where Were You?

Today i was thinking about what took place on that horrible day in our country. I have never written about it so i decided to finally do it today in memory of the victims. No matter how far i might be from the USA, as i write this story 15 years after the attacks i still feel anger and sadness that make me cry. I was near the Paris attacks last November which brought back these feelings.

I was home alone in my cousin’s house and i had just woken up do to the phone ringing off the hook. That morning seemed like any other, until i turned on the tv. Every single channel was broadcasting what looked like a thriller/horror movie. There were people jumping off buildings in New York, airplanes gone missing and some were cashing into buildings. The whole country was on state of alert. I couldn’t believe it! Here? What the heck is going on? Are they coming here? My cousin is working next to LAX! I freaked out and wondered if it would hit near home. Glued all morning to the tv, i cried when i saw people being forced to jump off the buildings due to the fire and heavy smoke. Another airplane hit the world trade center which made it obvious to all America that the first hit had not been an accident. Then the twin buildings fell, one after the other. They looked like humans falling to their knees.  It broke my heart to see in on tv and i cried for the families and victims.

The news about it didn’t stop, all day, all night ,all week, all month, all year. Then there was the photo of the falling man. It made me desperate and angry; I can not imagine what their family members felt. Today i cried as i watched videos of that day. My heart and prayers go to them. People always ask,where were you on that day?


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