Most Famous Museums In Paris

I would like to tell you a little bit about the museums my family and i visited less than a year ago when we were living in Paris. We got to see the Thinker, the Monalisa and Dega’s little dancer. I made a couple of short videos about the museums which i posted on my kid’s utube channel Vianka’s World. 


Museum, history, and art lovers will fall in love with THE LOUVRE.  It’s one of the biggest museums in the world; It took us about 5 hours just to see half of the things in there, and to tell you the truth, we never go to see all of it. I had circled on the guide map all the things i wanted to see that day, of course; one of them was the famous Mona Lisa.

When we finally got to the display room where she was, we could barely walk inside since there were more than fifty people surrounding the famous painting. There were photographers and security guards by the wall where it hung, she was kind of like Kim Kardashian at LAX airport haha not kidding!  She looked different from what she looks like in books and movies; way smaller too. After about thirty minutes of taking not so good pictures of her from a far, we finally got our turn to get close to her and snap a couple not so great photos either, but they were good enough for memories of course.

My kid loved the Egyptian collection in the Louvre and my husband loved the architecture of the building and the Roman sculptures. That day we ate in the cafeteria inside the Louvre which colors reminded me of a yellow McDonald’s. By the way, they let you bring food and drinks inside the museum as long as you bring them inside your bag.  We took our own vegan meals and water 🙂

With Kim, Lol..I mean Mona Lisa!


Musee Picasso was smaller than the Louvre, about 7 times smaller. It was pretty simple and clean, it kind of looked like a black and white apartment building. The stairs were large and wide and the light inside the building made everything look crispy white. Picasso’s life was spread all over the rooms which were nicely and artfully decorated. You will be able to find a lot of photos, portraits and letters; mostly black and white style. My favorite paintings were those of Jacqueline Roque, i found them to be very sensual. I saw love and misery in them and as i studied them, i thought that she probably cried a lot because she looked sad.  Here is a short video about it.



The day we went they were letting people in for free so the line was pretty long. We ended up waiting 45 minutes to get in but since it was free it was worth it. We loved the view from the top of the building by the restaurant; there, It seemed like everyone wanted to take a picture because most stopped by to take selfies with the view of Paris behind them. The collections  of art were very impressive; we loved how there was always someone offering (guided) information about all the paintings. My husband loved those of Klee and Warhol but my favorite was Kandinsky who has been my favorite since i was a kid. On the featured image you can see a photo i snapped from the top of museum on that foggy day;)



We couldn’t leave Paris without going to see the thinker of course. My kid kept reminding me that she had seen him in a film.  The thinker was big and impressive, we found him right at the entrance of the museum; he looked just like in the movies! The big garden was decorated with many of Rodin’s sculptures. Inside the museum we found some Monet paintings which we weren’t expecting to see; they made the room look more colorful, i love Monet. The museum itself was small but rich in art and Rodin’s history; he actually lived and worked there most of his adult life before death.  We were impressed at the quantity of work he left behind. Here is a short video of that day.



This was another of our favorites. I cried, yes i cried when i saw Gogh’s work. My kid loved Dega’s small dancer sculpture and my husband pretty much liked everything in there. To tell you the truth, Dali was not what i was expecting, his paintings were so different from others, i didn’t like them that much because i felt sad or depressed just looking at them, weird haha. Besides Dali and besides my husband’s dizzy nauseous state, we loved everything else about that museum; It was almost as big as The Louvre. We had some drinks at Hotel de Orsay restaurant; it was beautiful in there, the colors were golden,red, and black…very elegant. Here is a short video of that day.

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