What The Heck Is Lodeve? I Like It!

Lodeve, Where Is That?

It is a charming small Ville in the south of France near Montpellier. I moved here about two months ago right at the end of summer. Even though is more windy now then when we arrived it still feels like summer. I love it here because the weather is the closest thing to California’s. No, there are no big malls, no famous actors shopping around town and yes there is only one gym and one big super market but who cares; life is better lived when furthest from the big cities.

There is a  river a block away from the apartment and a park in the corner. Le marchet (Farmer’s Market plus more)  comes to town every Saturday morning where you can find everything from local cheeses, breads, veggies,fruits,herbs and soaps. We love marchet day!




Another thing i love about this place is the architecture. About 90% of the houses and apartments are  old fashioned. The windows, doors and walls look like those you would see in a movie based somewhere in old Europe. It inspires me to see the dark green mountains surrounding the Ville from my window every morning; they look like they are covered by brocoli heads. The air is crisp and clean and the sun burns your skin just right. People are much much nicer than anywhere else i’ve been to in France. The simplicity and calmness about this town make an anxious person feel as stable and steady as the clear blue sky.


Great History

Lodeve was the home of Cardinal Fleaury who became Louis XV’s prime minister and made uniforms to the French army. Imagine! He probably saw Louis the xvi and Marie Antoinette too. Another important figure from Lodeve was saint Fulcran. His story is very inspiring too. He was a nice man who took care of the poor and needy of Lodeve which was why he was made into a saint by the people after his death.  He was the catholic christian bishop who also opened and remodeled  hospitals and churches. At night they light up his statue which is at the top of the mountain facing the Ville; he watches over his people from up there. There is a famous Poetry Festival every year which comes around in May; I eagerly await for it.

Here is the first video I ever made of Lodeve which i also posted on my kid’s utube channel ” Vianka’s World” There is still much to be discovered!  I love the south of France! Thanks for reading and following. Please like, comment or share 🙂 Blessings!





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