Take The Bus To Montpellier? Why Not!

Yesterday I took the bus from Lodeve to Montpellier for the first time. I had never taken the bus or tramway in France, at least not all by myself so It turned out to be quiet an adventure. I was late, i had problems with the directions and then with the tramway ticket but at least i was able to take pictures and make a video. We must have made about 10 stops on the way there. I had so many questions (poor bus driver) and i was a bit disoriented when i arrived in Monsson station where i had to transfer onto the tramway. My husband waited for me in Montpellier for a total of 8 hours!


I was going to meet my husband at the Prefecture in Montpellier; he had been there since 4 am waiting in line to apply for my carte de sejour. I didn’t want to take the bus there all by myself because i have never liked public transportation. But unless an automatic car would magically appear in front of me to drive it there i would still have to do it and i DID of course since there wasn’t any other choice.  I missed the 8:25am bus and i ended up waiting for the 10:00am one. My husband had been waiting in line without me for about 6 hours by the time i got on the bus. I asked the driver if it would take me to  La Place De La Comedie and he said i needed to buy a transfer ticket and connect at Monsson station. When he asked if i needed the transfer ticket i refused it because i remember i had an old tramway pass that my husband had given me just in case. The bus ride was smooth and calm. The bus was equally impressive as one of those 5 star buses one takes to Vegas from LA. We wore seat belts, had a light, a/c and plush comfortable seats. I video recorded some of the trip mostly because i wanted to show you guys where they make the best wines in the word(or so they say). We crossed fields and fields of vine yards and wineries where people go to buy and taste. We stopped in a lot of small old villages in LE BOSC, CLERMONT L’HERAULT and GIGNAC. After a few minutes i lost my fear of traveling alone in the south. I sat back to enjoyed the views and watched the people getting on and off the bus.


A young Asian woman got on the bus with her little girl. She wore a ijab and a long green robe that covered all of her body except for her boots. They sat to my right side across from my seat; i wondered about what her life must be like and when and why she had decided to serve Allah.  There was an older couple who sat in front of me on the opposite side of my row who seemed worried and looked outside the windows more than i did . When we got there the pretty Asian woman smiled and told me to go ahead and get out first because she would take longer with her kid and her bags. I noticed the elderly couple walked around Monsson station searching for the right tram way. I saw them asking questions to a man wearing a bright yellow jacket who carried a lot of bags and backpacks. He led them to a machine to buy tickets. When i saw that i wondered if my old ticket would work so i followed them to study the machine too.  After they were done buying theirs i glanced at the machine for a minute but then rapidly walked away from it in search for my tramway. I had no idea which one it was and the map on the station confused me even more (I could get lost in bathrooms). I decided to ask people instead but the first woman i asked told me to get on the wrong one. Thank God that something inside me told me to ask again and when i was about to sit down i asked another woman who informed me that it was not going to Place De La Comedie. I jumped out of it just in time. I looked around for someone to bother with my questions and i picked a  woman who was trying to keep her heavy bags from falling from her arms. What a nice lady, even if her bags were slipping from her grip she stood there and helped me. She gave me the right directions and warned me that the tramway would leave me at L’Observatoire and not at Place De La Comedie where i had to get to but she (my angel) also gave me instructions on how to find it.  Once on the tramway i inserted the old ticket in the machine but it rejected it by making some annoying sound and said it was an incorrect one. I had no idea what it meant and since i had no time to get out of there because the doors had already closed i ended up not paying for my ticket!


Once i arrived at L’Observatoire i saw an old man who was staring up at some men setting up the Christmas carousel in front of the station. On top of his white hair he wore a cute brown hat; he also wore glasses, light brown clothes and in his hand  he held a leach for his little dog who was sniffing something in the corner of the street. “Monsieur, pouvez-vous s’ils vous plait me dire quelle route puis je prendre pour aller a La Place de la Comedie?” I asked in embarrassment. This was no time to be shy or to give up; my poor husband was waiting for me at the Prefecture. Of course, the grandpa knew right away i was not French and kindly told me where to go. After i thanked him i headed  into the first boulangerie i saw which was right in the corner across the street. I bought myself a delicious chocolat croissant which i put in the big lunch bag with the rest of the goodies i had packed for my husband then rushed towards my destination. I made a short video of when i arrived at La Place De La Comedie which you will see in the link below


My husband met me and we walked together back to the prefecture. After all our suffering i knew that we would have luck at the prefecture. Suffering? Oh no… I am not just talking about my long trip and his long wait.  I am talking about all those times that we tried (for a whole year) to begin the process in Paris but were refused to do so for incredibly stupid reasons. This time around they took our papers and we didn’t have any problems with the worker. She was actually impressed at the way we neatly and orderly submitted all needed documents. Finally!


Here is the video i made of the trip there. You will see some vineyards, villages and my arrival at Montpellier! Thanks for following and don’t forget to like, follow me or do even better 🙂 share on your page! Blessings!https://youtu.be/x3BnOoocpfs


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