Why Saint Guilhem Le Desert Reminds Me Of Carmel By The Sea

These two towns remind me of each other so much even though they are so far apart; nine hours apart to be exact and in two totally and completely different countries. Saint Guilhem Le Desert is located in a southern part of France called L’Herault  and Carmel By The Sea is located just outside San Francisco in the USA. I had read and heard that Saint Guilhem Le Desert was one of the most beautiful Villeges in the south of France but i never expected it to remind me so much of a town i had already visited. Carmel By The Sea was and still is the most charming and enchanting place i have ever seen and my family and i wish to move there someday. We are just waiting for the rent prices to go down in order to do so. Seriously  thought, it is lovely and in this short article i will tell you about the three main similarities between these two pretty towns.


The first thing i noticed when i arrived in Saint Guilhem was the architecture; It was rather similar to that in Carmel . The small cottages, the old rusty apartments, the cute brown roof tops and the way the restaurants and shops were arranged. Both places give you that same feeling of being in Snow White’s fairy tale cottage land where everyone who lives there drinks hot chocolate in winter sitting by the chimney reading old dusty books. The second thing i noticed to be similar to Carmel was the way tourists don’t over crowd or want to change things in it. They come to enjoy,delight and relax in the best the town has to offer without being too crazy and loud as people usually are in Venice beach for example or Paris at night. People walk around in peace admiring and enjoying the scenery. The shops and restaurants are cozy and inviting which leads me to the third similarity which is nature. All around Carmel you can see beautiful beaches, parks, forests and lagoons; and besides from the sea part, Saint Guilhem Le Desert offers as much beauty in its surroundings as Carmel. There are rivers,forest, waterfalls and amazing caves filled with crystals and minerals that will make your jaw drop. From my own  point of view and opinion, they are both beautiful places to live in. One is lost in medieval  times hidden in the south of France where buildings date back to the 12th century, and the other one is near many big towns,cities and it’s right next to the beach.


Carmel was voted and highly ranked on Trip Advisor as one of the cleanest and most beautiful places to live in the USA, and Saint Guilhem Le Desert was voted one of the most beautiful and charming villages in the south of France. I have put a link below for the short video i made of Saint Guilhem Le Desert France which i posted on my kid’s Utube channel “Vianka’s World”, and the featured photo on top is of Carmel by the Sea in California. Hope you get to watch the video and that you like it. Which one will you like to visit?





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    Very interesting!

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