Cannes La Bocca! The Best Beach In The South Of France

Last week my family and I went on a road trip from Montpellier to Monte Carlo~ Monaco. On the way there we stopped alongside the beaches on the cote de azur. All the beaches along the coast side were breathtaking, but none of the compared to La Bocca in Cannes.  La Bocca looks like a mixture of Santa Monica, Malibu, Hollywood and Beverly Hills all mixed together. There are so many things to do and see!  From fine shopping, playing in the casino, staying in nice affortable hotels, eating at restaurants by the beach to the kid’s playground just in front of beach, Cannes film festival, a big shining sun and a clear sandy beach, La Bocca has it all baby! How i wish to visit La bocca again and that time to stay all day and everyday at that beautiful sandy warm beach.

After we had passed by Aix En Provence and driven for about 4 hours, we decided to rent a hotel in Cannes. The hotel was about 10 minutes from La Bocca on top of a vegetated Malibu looking hill. That same evening, we visited the rest of the city and La Bocca beach where we discovered how freakishly rich the place really is. I mean if you want to go shopping you better take about 5 to 10 thousand dollars or euros because most of the stores near La Bocca will be designer shops.  It was crazy! The rich and famous ride around in Lamborghinis and Ferraris like they were driving Toyotas or Hondas; those cars are everywhere!

The children’s park in front of la Bocca near the Casino was full of kids who spoke Italian and French; they wore expensive clothing and more than twice i heard their Asian or Spanish babysitters call to them in English or Spanish. I was like “Are this kids Marie Antoinette’s?” This was not Montpellier, not Lodeve, nor Paris; It was too beautiful, too rich, too unique, too sophisticated, too lavishing one could say; near this beautiful sandy beach one finds it all!  That sand was so smooth, so warm and inviting, i felt a tingle on my back from the feeling of it that it made me think of the summers i spent in Santa Monica at the beach. The air quality though was way better than that of Santa Monica for sure;  the sun burned my skin just right. Around 7 pm, the sun began to look like a gold, sleepy orange that was getting ready to set for the night. We drove around Cannes taking pictures and videos after that before heading back to the hotel for  dinner.

On our way home we stopped by an Intermarche to buy food to make dinner, and then soon after that we found ourselves watching French tv as we ate at the white, small, round table in the hotel apartment’s kitchen. We had dinner the American way; LATE and while watching television lol.  What a wonderful time we had in Cannes! I recommend Cannes for everyone, with or without kids. If you have millions you wont have a problem renting a luxurious hotel by the beach, but if you don’t have millions yet, just do what i did and stay in a hotel ten minutes from the beach 😉 You will find clean, affordable, great  and inexpensive hotels with balconies, pools, and kitchens. Here are two videos of those days which i shared on my kid’s utube channel Vianka’s world; one of the beach and another of the hotel we stayed at. Cheers!


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