Bra-less Ladies And Naked Kids At Carnon Beach!

The thing i love the most about the south of France is the weather! There is no way i would be able to get in a pool or the beach(if there was one) in frozen Paris in the spring.  But here in the Languedoc Roussillon region we have had temperatures as high as 24’c degrees so far. Last week my family and i visited the beautiful Carnon Plage which is about 15 minutes from center Montpellier. The water was not as hot as in Cannes or Monaco but it was warm enough for us to splash around in it.

Our favorite thing to do when going to beaches is take a picnic and eat before getting in the water. I know people always say not to swim after eating but we can’t help it! It’s like a ritual of ours lol The minute we sit down we get to eating, relaxing then help each other put on our bathing suits by covering up each other with towels.

One of the things that always surprises me is the naked ladies at the beach. For some reason some women don’t mind showing off their breasts in front of kids and others. I have seen that on every French beach i have ever visited. Right now there is a weird law in France that doesn’t allow women to breast feed their babies in public places which to me makes no sense at all. I mean it’s ironic since we have all these bra-less ladies walking around at the public beaches in front of families. France is just strange or should i say stupid that way sometimes 😀 haha!

Besides the naked ladies I also see naked kids running around some times. That’s another thing i don’t like and that I’m not used to but even so we manage and do just fine 😀  Another thing i noticed in Carnon Plage was that dogs are not allowed there. I saw a couple of police men giving warnings to people with dogs. I definitely give this beach a 10 out of 10…naked ladies and all! Here is a short video about that day which i had previously posted on my kid’s utube channel Vianka’s World! Blessings!


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